Unable to collect Berry and Nwen Accessories

I have tried to collect the accessories for the latest two Wokamon Berry and Nwen but only receive fruit from the Lucky Draw x 10 (999 topazes) and the regular lucky draw (36 topazes).

I have maxed out all other accessories for the other Wokamon. I just need the 3 from Berry and the 4 from Nwen.

I’m using an IPhone 6S Plus with IOS version 10.2.1

Please fix this.

I am in the same boat (though not entirely maxed out the other accessories). iPhone 6s.

Same problem - no new accessories from chest since the “Christmas” update. Will this be fixed in next upgrade? When is that coming out? Thanks!

Hi guys, we’ve updated a new build. Can you please let us know your nickname so that I can send you a topaz package to tryout the functionality? Thanks!

Marla M Is my nickname. Spelled with a L not an I.