Ui bug: crash on accessing fit tower

Hey guys,

The new ui looks smooth, but there’s one giant bug I have run into in just the first few minutes playing. Any time I try to access fit tower from the main menu, the game crashes completely and must be restarted to recover.

Thank you @Will_Johnson for your feedback. Can I please grab your game id? We’ll have a look first thing tomorrow morning!

My apologies, it was early in the morning when I first attempted access, and I was short on time. Tonight, it loaded after about two minutes. It only appeared frozen, it seems, because all the animations stop and the app is unresponsive.

Now that it has finally loaded once, successfully, loading it again seems almost instant. I will send you my Id in a private message anyway, in case you are interested in investigating why it took several minutes to load the first time.

Glad it’s all working. We are investigating with the information you provided as we speak, thank you!

Update: there was a large delay again when attempting to access the fit tower today. It may be the first time loading for the day which triggers the issue.

Thank you for letting me know!

@Will_Johnson which tracking device are you using?

Just my phone pedometer. I think someone else with my model of phone also mentioned problems.

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Hi @Will_Johnson thank you for sharing. What’s your phone model btw? We’ve released a bug fix update yesterday (v3.0.2), can you please install it and see if fixes the issue? Thanks!

I think I mentioned it in the PM, but I am using a galaxy 7s edge, as someone else with the same issue reported. I am running 3.0.2 and just reproduced the problem by restarting the game. No joy on that fix.

@Will_Johnson oops my bad, we’ll look into the bug further. Thank you for letting us know.

Hi @Will_Johnson, do you mind to create an new account on a different server and see if you can access Fit Tower? Thank you for the help!

@Will_Johnson, we’ve just released v3.0.4 to patch this issue. Please give it a try and let me know if there’s any problem. Thank you for the wait.

This looks good. Load time is very small now. Thanks to your team for their bug squashing work!