Two Check-In Questions

  1. If I don’t click on the Get button, do the check-in rewards still eventually come to my inbox? I’ve always used the button to get them instantly, but it would be nice not to have to do that.

  2. If I do have to click on the Get button, then what should I do if a member decides to check-in just moments before the deadline? I ask because it happened today. It wasn’t a problem, because he/she was 24th out of 25 to check-in (one member was a no-show), but it could have been a problem. I definitely would not have had enough time to click on the Get button, nor would any other member of my guild.

  1. Nope, if the get rewards is not clicked then nothing is received.
  2. They everyone in guild would be screwed if they weren’t login trying to hit the get button in hopes of someone checking-in.

I would like for the get button, to be completely done away with and the rewards be auto-sent to your inbox once the milestone is reached. Its an inconvenience to those whose who don’t check their phone right before the closing bell as some of us could be in countries where that time is used for sleeping.


Better yet, tie the auto-sent feature into the check-in or super check-in feature. Anyone who checked in for the day gets rewards sent automatically and those who don’t check-in, for some reason, have to click the get button.

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Thank you for confirming my fear. I agree with you 100%. The Get button really needs to go. It serves no purpose. It’s annoying to the players, and it doesn’t do anything to boost revenues for the developers. That’s a lose-lose situation.

Further, if we don’t check-in, then we shouldn’t get the rewards. As it stands now, I think people can be rewarded by a group check-in when they haven’t actually checked-in.

Force people to check-in daily to get rewards. That makes sense. Forcing some people to wake up in the middle of the night to press a Get button is not what anyone would expect a fitness app to do. That makes no sense.

It’s a great game, but this part of it isn’t all that great right now.

I think you were right the first time. The Get button should go. And instead of sending multiple emails to the inbox as milestones are reached, send one email, just after the deadline, with all the rewards, to all those who have participated by checking-in.

Pressing Get multiple times, clicking on multiple emails, and deleting multiple emails is also a minor annoyance of mine. Gets old.

My two cents.