Twin Peaks Arena bug/empty

I was promoted to bracket A in the arena and now I can’t do anything in the arena. No spending my points, no battles, no viewing ranks or rewards. I relogged, restarted, and even switched servers back just to make sure. I assume it’s because there aren’t even bots added in there yet? I can’t progress at all and arena, even losing fights, is pretty big daily.

You have 901k energy remaining? :scream::scream::scream:

Anyways Im tagging @marspark here. Please leave your in-game id for him to investigate. :slight_smile:

My in game name is Fluffy.
I’m the only character in that bracket at the moment so it’ll be easy to find, haha.
Yeah, energy is easy to come by at higher levels <3

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Hi, Fluffy, I’ve duplicated you in your bracket so you can enter. We’ll create some official guards after we roll out the next update.

Thanks a bunch! I’ve never been so happy to hit myself.
The sight of this is actually hilarious.

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Lmao this is hilarious. I bet you’ll have more fun than anyone else in the arena lol