Trouble with Ads - unable to get rewards

I have tried a couple of times to use the offers to multiply my rewards with ads, however each time I find that I cannot return to my game. The ad will run its course but there is no way to close it and return to Wokamon. When I close the app and return, I will have lost the experience, topez or crystals. (Running on an iPhone)

Hi @Zan_Lizborough, sometimes the ads become really tricky. Please look closely for the ‘x’ on the top left or right. Sometimes you’ll have to wait for like 30 secs before the ‘x’ shows up. If it doesn’t after, try to click ‘top left’ or ‘top right’ corner blindly and see if it closes the ad.

Thank you! The x was hiding behind the top bar on my screen. :slight_smile: