Trouble getting out of ads

Since a few weeks I’m having trouble getting out of newer ads. There are two ways in which this happens.

  1. At the end of the ad the x in the corner appears and later a gray layer appears over the whole screen and it does not react to any touchscreen input at all. (killing focus plant is only way out then)
  2. Some newer ads have an end screen that pops up an appstore screen when it is touched. With these screens it has become almost impossible to hit the >> or x button in the corner on my (small?) iphone SE (2016) screen. It takes me about 20-30 tries before I hit the button right. All the other tries I seem to hit outside of the button’s hitbox and this triggers an appstore screen to appear. It takes quite some effort to get out of an ad this way.

Hope this can be fixed.

@impocta, Can you please share some screenshots of the ads please?

Hi @impocta, thank you for reaching out. When’s the last time you’ve seen an ad without the ‘x’ button?

We’ve also noticed that some ad providers have added the ‘>>’ button instead of the ‘x’ button, and it seems you’ll have to click on the ‘>>’ first (an appstore page will appear and you can dismiss it by clicking the empty area) and then it’ll be replaced by an ‘x’ button. Please let me know if this is what you are experiencing?

We’ve contacted our ad provider and waiting for feedback to explain such behavior.