Transparent shields?

On one server, each of my team members has a transparent shield/wall in front of them during battles. I can’t remember how it got activated/started? I remember having read a post about it back then (quite a while ago) but can’t seem to find it.

Anyone can help?

I think you are referring to the shield that comes from the pet support abilities, such as Twinkie

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Thanks Meterian, that makes sense! It does ring a bell that it comes from a pet support skills.

These transparent shields

These are from pet supports skills, chance to reflect damage on normal attacks.

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Thanks Trisen! As we evolve and grow our pets they will appear?

Yes, you can get them 2 ways…
Have the pets required for the support skill to activate, on your pet team.
Have the pet with the support skill on your team and have the other pets required on your team or at least evolved to 5-Stars off the team.

Pets that initiate the skill
Gummy, Furby, and Vega:
Targets have a 52% chance to reflect 7% damage when defending a normal attack.

Targets have a 73% chance to reflect 14% damage when defending a normal attack.

Each pet requires different pets to activate the skill with Twinkie being almost impossible to activate until you have opened a ton of pet chests, to get the two epic pets required.

Also, one of the epic pets has a reflect mutation skill but since they are so hard to evolve it’s doubtful to be seen or used.


Thanks for the detailed information! It really helps!