#translation errors

This game is great and I want it to be better.
The translation errors in several languages ruin it for me.

Since the game is 99% fine as far as translation, I think it would be useful to have a #translation hashtag so that people can flag awkward phrases for native speakers to examine.
For now, I’m going to put this in bug report.

For example, in several languages “chest” is mistranslated from English. Rather than meaning “box” or “ container” for treasure( 宝葙) the word for the human body’s chest (胸部) is used.
English: (body) chest = (treasure) chest
Spanish: “pecho”-> caja or cofre
Portuguese: peito-> cofre or caixa
Korean:가슴-> 상자
Italian: petto->cassapanca

In some of these, the correct word is already in the description so i think the programmer used Google translate from English for a portion.

A good game like this deserves good translation. Part of the reward is reading the cool descriptions.

Here is another one: “Micactus is another desert plant which can take up huge amount of water.”
Should really say
“Micactus is another desert plant which can store a huge amount of water”

Hi, thank you for your input @Andrew_Orihuela. We do read every post so any help from you guys will be noticed even without the hash tags :slight_smile: We currently don’t have resources because of the new game and demo, but we’ll look into the translation for other games once that’s done. Thanks again!