Tournament not very balanced this time around

I can’t imagine winning anything in the next 10 days.

. My opponents seems a bit advanced. :joy:. Please help!

Hi, this is actually the banned league. It looks you are accidentally banned because your team power changes too much (by removing members from the team). I’ve just restored you into the correct bracket. Please refresh your opponent.


I did not remove any characters. Let me tell you what I did do in hopes that this will prevent others from having this problem. Probably around two or 3 AM after I received my tournament rewards l purchased stones for leveling up characters. I had saved them over the last two tournaments. With what I had before and the tournament rewards I had approximately 2400 stones. I used the stones to level a four star to a six star as well as a five-star to a six star. If there’s a way for you to check my log I would like you to confirm that I indeed did not remove any characters. Also if you could reset my tournament to 10 plays I wasted five on the banned league. The only match I won was against a person who had only one player. I guess this is what you’re talking about removing characters. Thanks for your help.


This is still messed up!


@Annwyl, did you refresh your opponent?

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Hi. I can see you are very busy but you never got back with me on this. Radio cricket and I were discussing possible causes of being sent to the zzz league other than removing characters. One thing we both did alike prior to the occurrence was rearrange our dark rush teams. I put my weak team ( unused characters) in team 1 and my regular characters in team 2. Also when you placed me in a league did you do that based on my level before the season ended or after I played all morning and leveled 2 characters to 6 stars and walked 15k steps and did the events and challenges etc. I feel like you are assuming I removed characters prior to the season ending and I did not so what are your thoughts on how this happened? Thanks.

Hi @Annwyl, thank you for your feedback and discussion. We’ve altered the algorithm temporarily and will investigate it further when we get time. Please let me know if anything weird happens!

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