Tournament Daily Reward

I haven’t got that reward for several days :thinking: Has it been stopped? I didn’t notice this straight away, but I ran out of the crystals & was relying on it to do a group check in, so when I didn’t see it in my mail box, I started checking & realise that I hadn’t had it for a while.

Last day I had a daily tournament reward:

This is weird, can you please go to page 1 and send me a screenshot of the latest mail? Also, can I grab your id?

Twin Peak: znmg5m Wild

My game has been working slowly for several days thinking more than usual when I collect the unlocked areas even if I collect without watching an advert.

@Rain did you join last season? i.e enter the arena for at least once. If you’ve never joined, then you won’t get any tournament daily reward for that season.

Not sure. The game has been so laggy for me recently that I did just minimal tasks. Thanks for clarifying the rules.