To all you new players 😊😊

It helps both of us !

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Hi my new players tonight :wave: …you are most welcome …any questions do ask …I’ll try to help :grinning:


And hello to the others who’ve joined …happy walking :walking_woman::walking_man:‍♂️ (Why do they look like stroppy teenagers)? :roll_eyes:

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Tip for newbies …i think best to save your fit stones to upgrade hero skills, I was tempted too soon to buy 840 equipment chests and then got stuck with mis matched skills


I’m a master who gives suggestions … not just my code :wink:

An easy one to miss…on the main screen, remember to use the back arrow and collect steps and chests you may have missed from the previous day(s)


I only have spaces on the Fitland server left available …do join me :blush:

Well that’s cheeky :woman_facepalming: ! Only full because people chose me first and is capped !

@jiuyen write your own posts :wink: but I see you only joined 13 hrs ago :roll_eyes:

Wow sorry. I didn’t mean to upset/offend/anger you. I tried to sign up with you when I first started, but you were full. I thought others might have the same problem (I am on the server where you could no longer accept apprentices), so I thought this would be useful to someone.

I’ll delete my post.

(looks like it takes 24 hours for a post to come down - so the delete is unavoidably delayed)

Doh ! Don’t delete …no offence taken
Meet you in the arena :ghost::ghost::ghost:

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Ok, cool. :slight_smile: Since I already deleted it, here it is again: zme6d


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