Tips for amethysts?


I’ve recently started playing, and wanted to ask if anyone has tips for getting more amethyst. I complete the orders and send people on quests, but it seems to gain amethyst so slowly. I’m on the 5th world and it seems like I can only unlock one plant a day, which slows down the gameplay :frowning:




You can try to unlock more super plants that produce Amethysts. Some lab effects will also increase Amethyst income.



Early game is a grind for Amethyst and then late game is a grind for energy!

With 8 worlds now unlocked, I find myself rarely falling below 15K amethyst while it takes days to get enough energy to afford unlocks.


@Jesse Later on in world 10 you’ll be waiting for amethyst again lol, so farm them as much as you can now


Oof. Dang. Well I’ll definitley keep farming then!


I have over 300,000 amethysts and 5,000,000 energy… The late game is all about rubies; there are some plants that can ONLY be found in the 180 Ruby backpacks! Save, save, save.


Best way I found so is to walk and convert from steps 30k at a time.