Timezone issues

My app seems to say reset at 00:00 for task etc but I realised it has been resetting at midday for me? And my recorded history has been split into a future date (if you get what I’m saying :sweat_smile:)
How do I solve this?


Hi @Soo_Jia_Yi, thank you for reaching out. Can you please check if the time settings on your phone is correct and have synced with the internet? Can you please also let me know your game id so we can have a look? Thanks!


My game ID: 7ggq4n. Yes I’m connected to the Internet and it should be synced. I’ve also connected to Facebook and Google Play


Hi just checking are you talking about Focus Plant rather than Pocket Plants right? Pocket Plants’ id is 7 characters include special characters.

If you are talking about Focus Plant, do you remember if you’ve used a VPN or log into the game in a different country when you first started?

Hi, yes it’s Focus Plant.
I think I might have moved country the first time I downloaded it :thinking: Should I try reinstalling the app? Will the data be retained?

Reinstall the app won’t reset the timezone. We’ll discuss a feature to support changing timezone but that’ll need to wait for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience caused :sleepy:

Please please plEASE check the ads issue out as well, it’s VERY annoying. The only ones I get are randomly, full screen display ads without any rewards.
It’s really killing the whole vibe