Time-rift Wait Time, Feedback

I am enjoying the Time Rift feature quite a lot, and exploring a shared space with other players is often more motivating to me than the standard quest.
That being said, the wait time at the end of a completed dungeon is making the experience much less enjoyable.

I struggle understanding what was the idea behind this time limitation, what is it trying to achieve?
If the point was to reduce how much a specific group of active players would occupy active slots in parties… this doesn’t seem like a problem, since those players could still create completely new parties (leading to just more activity).
Lower level players will also struggle to pay that 500 gem fee much more (leading to higher attrition, and more of them leaving the game early), and even if you pay the fee… you’re still stuck in the next dungeon, not being able to pay it again until 7 days.

As of now waiting for 7 days after a dungeon is complete (aka there’s kinda nothing left to do there) is honestly quite boring. I would keep the duration of the dungeon exploration at 10 days until it’s not finished, but afterwards I’d just allow players to leave freely and join new time rifts. If a player wishes to keep exploring they could stay in there for up to 7 days (I doubt many would though, there isn’t much to do after the main rewards are taken).

I could consider a 1 day wait time or something very short like that, but even in that case… why? That wait time doesn’t really seem to be doing anything useful, and it basically locks players away from a feature that in itself is quite fun and works well.

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Thank you for your feedback. The reasons behind a 10-day rift are 1. we want to give every player enough time to complete the rift (a lot of our players are still students so a duration overlapping the weekends is ideal). 2. we don’t want to create a sense of urgency because a focus timer shouldn’t be used as often as possible but at the right pace.

We understand it might not be the ideal design for everyone and we’ll evaluate it once we finish the next feature release.

Thank you again for the feedback!