Time Rift Feedback

I love the new event so far, and I’d like to give some feedback now that I have completed and fully explored my first map.

  1. For the first time, I can actually see other players.

  2. With enemies on the field being your own player level, getting new gear scrolls from the Altars is even more important as it makes progressing the event more easy with higher gear.

  3. 10 days until being able to start a new exploration seems a little excessive. I’d like to see the diamond costs drop as I’m waiting more days to start a new one.

  4. I was very surprised by the amount of glyphs that I got. Nice! Is there a chance to drop legendary glyphs in this event?

  5. Love all of the buffs and debuffs. I’m not a big fan of the Freeze to all players, but I understand it’s use. :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for your feedback. We are going to release a few rounds of refinements when we gather more feedback like yours. We are currently discussing the rift cooldown and debuffs. Please stay tuned and thank you for your support!

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I have a feedback: can you consider add more silver in shop, receive from kill boss, altar as I don’t have enough to force gear and upgrade them even I have lots of materials.
Wrt time rift: how many times I can participate this event? One time, right? How long to participate again? Should I discover fully the map or just get all keys and exit? Thanks.

I also don’t have enough moonstones. I keep buying them from the shop.

I think there is no limit in how often you can participate. One exploration is 10 days in duration and if you are done (collected all chests and finished) you can exit after a 7-day duration has passed or pay 500 diamond to skip that 7-day timer.
Considering you have 10 days, I finished the whole map in 3 days so you should go for everything.

Thanks, 6 7 days is more reasonable, at first I thought the skip waiting is free haha