Things I wish I knew when I started playing Fitness RPG

Now before I start the list, I want to say that I researched a lot about the game when I started. I joined an active guild, joined the Discord chat for the game AND for the guild. Got some great advice, including investing in Arch Mage x3, not upgrading anything less than 5* equipment past level 20, and do 12 battles in arena a day and use the points for 6* equipment and fit stones.

  1. The fastest way to progress is 6* the mages and choosing Arch Mage. For this reason it was better for me to use my honor points for fit stones in the beginning. The AOE attack of arch Mage is necessary because everything else is slower. You could get two mages through story mode including starter, but I was able to buy the 5* Mage from Hero Shop before I got my second free Mage.

  2. Related to the above point: Save up 5k crystals by all means in the beginning until you buy the 5* Mage. Don’t spend it on anything else (except the step rewards because you need to accumulate fit stones) until you buy the 5* Mage. Everything else can wait. Avoid evolving the units because getting the 6* arch Mage is super helpful due to AOE move. I wasn’t patient enough for this so I had to save a little longer, but this was also partly because I wasted some crystals in the beginning on guild lottery. To be honest after buying the 5* Mage, you don’t really have to buy anything else in the shop with crystals. Some people buy 5* warrior so they don’t have to spend the stones evolving Jami from 1* to 6* but I like Jami so I did.

  3. Guild lottery is for late game. For beginners, just check in daily. After you buy the 5* Mage, then you could do lottery if you want. There is a Mage you could buy in guild shop, but it takes 3.3k guild currency so it takes forever to save up. You get two free mages from story and you could buy one Mage from hero shop much easier and you don’t really need more than three mages anyways. You could save up for when you see epic pet pieces pop up.

  4. Don’t bother upgrading common pets. They don’t make much of a difference in the beginning and they only boost one unit at a time. Rare pets are better since they boost two units at a time. Don’t worry too much about the pets in the beginning because it’s not worth upgrading the common pets. They just take up space. You eventually will be able to farm rare pet pieces when you could clear normal 8-10, 9-10 and 10-10. I think those stages drop rare pet pieces.

  5. In the beginning it seems you have a lot of silver and don’t know how to spend them. You could upgrade your equipment to level 20 for whatever equipment less than 5* you have. For 5* legendary equipment, you could upgrade a bit more. Do not upgrade any equipment less than 6* to 120 because you eventually get these and it takes a lot of silver to equipment 4 sets of equipment to level 120. Also do not upgrade pets in the beginning. Common pets are not worth it.

  6. Don’t upgrade pets in the beginning. Wait until you have enough pet pieces for a rare pet to rebirth twice. The reason is it takes a lot of silver to level a pet to level 200 and each time you rebirth a pet it resets the level to 1. However, you are not required to max out a pet level to rebirth it, so you might as well not upgrade it until you rebirth it a few times, then level it.

  7. You could level any unit you want, buy any unit you like, and evolve any unit you like. The 6* Mage route is just the fastest way to clear the story and get you farming 5* equipment faster. Just enjoy the game!

  8. If you switch from iPhone to Apple Watch, make the switch before midnight, I switched in the morning and basically had to lose a full day’s worth of steps.

That’s it for now! Hope this was helpful!


Re the common pets, it’s not very expensive to level the ones you are using, each rebirth attempt, just to level 70, and gives a little boost there. (And since it’s not costly it’s not very painful to lose that when you rebirth.)

BTW I aim for “low stress” playing instead of progression play (my main goals are daily fitness and entertainment value) and so my little tips from that side are to spend gems for these:
-Increase bag space so that you don’t have to worry about inventory management so much as you loot.
-Increase stamina cap so that you can take a break (or sleep heh) and have some extra stamina buildup during those times to give you more looting chances when you’re playing.


I have increased my stamina capacity to 120 and i think it was worth it.


Really great points, thanks to all for sharing!

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For market: Save up for 6-star stuff.

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so per this post i’ve stopped upgrading equipment and i’m sitting on 100k or so silver… when will i be able to use this? once i get my first piece of 6 star equipment?

also a quick tip i’d like to add for newcomers is that you can get 30 stamina everyday from watching an ad, then another 30 stamina for 10 gems. this is definitely worth buying every day, and 30 stamina for 30 gems is definitely worth it i’d say too. sometimes i even buy the next one, 30 stamina for 60 gems.


For what it’s worth, I wasn’t all that frugal with the silver early on and it never hurt me.

If you find a particularly useful weapon, feel free to spend some silver. Just don’t go overboard on spending all your silver all the time, especially on equipment that isn’t all that useful or you think will soon be replaced. The same goes for pets. Feel free to spend some, just don’t go overboard.

You also want to get through the story quickly, because the further you advance, the more silver will be generated per hour. Upgrading equipment and pets some will help with that.

Once you’ve completed the story on all 3 difficulty levels, you can generate 34,800 silver per day plus quite a bit more silver by fighting monsters.

The time to go overboard on spending silver is when a pet reaches max level or a piece of equipment is 6-stars.

I also think it’s okay to go overboard on spending silver on the priest’s 5-star Holy Set. I certainly have. No desire to replace it with a 6-star set anytime soon, if ever. :thinking:


Sorry if the info is already somewhere…but can you please tell me how you get Twinkie? I see in the store a pet pack…is that just pet fragments for Twinkie? or does it actually buy the pet?


You can get Twinkie parts in 2 different ways.

  1. You can buy them from the store up to 5 times. Each purchase gives you 20 Twinkie parts. The first purchase will give you enough for a 1-star Twinkie. If you do it all 5 times then there are enough to get Twinkie to 4 stars. Well, assuming you aren’t unlucky and none of the rebirths fail. :grimacing::scream:
  2. You can sometimes get one Twinkie part by buying the pet chest in the arena’s honor market.

I got a 4-star Twinkie by buying it. I sweated bullets on that last rebirth but fortunately it didn’t fail. I’ve been picking up more Twinkie parts in the honor market. Still need 10 more to make the attempt to take it to 5 stars. I’ll have a 65% chance for it to be successful. However, there’s a 35% chance… Well, you know. :grimacing::scream:


Thank you! Though for a game encouraging people to get fit…what were they thinking encouraging us to buy twinkies??? :flushed::smile:


Truth be known, we recently ate some Strawberry Twinkies. They were delicious. Too delicious. Glad I just bought the one box, even if they were on sale. :crazy_face:


The game says that’s Jelly but we all know better. That’s a Hostess Snoball! :crazy_face:

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Haha :joy: so true!!! I thought of that as well…

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Hey @Rhandar, I’m in the Nightmare Adventure, which heroes would you use?

Or if any other advice from advanced players I’d Ayana advice. Thanks again.

Using Rhandar’s advice, I use a warrior with last stand, two mages with arcane blast, and a priest able to cast shield on two heroes.

For stages with mostly front-row attackers, the warrior sits in front on its own, and the back row seats the other three with the priest behind the warrior.
For stages with back-row attackers, I just switch the rows (so warrior at the back and other three in front).

Definitely suggest pumping up the priest’s health so that it can survive long enough to pull off shield in the later stages where a front-row attacker stage might start with 6 back row hitters. This will protect the mages.

I got all the way through nightmare adventure with this setup.


I don’t know where to start with understanding glyphs. Can someone explain? I’ve seen a chart that looks useful if I could get some rudimentary sense of what glyphs are for and how I should apply them.

Glyphs are little stat boosters for your heroes!

As you evolve your heroes, you will notice that more hero stars means you can equip more glyphs to that hero.

There are two types of glyphs:

  • Ones that boost your stats such as attack, defence, dodge etc. These can be used by any hero.
  • Ones that provide bonus effects to skills such as +10% fireball damage, or adds a % healing effect to the priest’s shield. These can only be worn by the class of hero that they are helpful for.

We can only equip the stat boosting glyphs the 1st, 3rd, and 5th glyph slots. The 2nd and 4th slots are reserved for the skill boosters.

You can also use glyphs to evolve other glyphs.
To do this, you select a glyph and then choose to evolve it. This will show you your glyph bag so you can select which glyphs you want to sacrifice to use as exp for the glyph you want to evolve.

Better glyphs provide more exp, but you can’t use a glyph that is better than the one you’re evolving for exp.
For example, you can use any glyph to evolve a legendary glyph because it is the best kind, but to evolve a rare glyph you can only use common or other rare glyphs.

Glyph rarities are as follows:
Common (blue)
Rare (purple)
Epic (yellow)
Legendary (red)

Glyph rarities also indicate that they provide more stat or skill bonuses, but require more exp to evolve.


Thank you. I am mostly confused about how to choose glyphs appropriately, and which glyphs it’s okay to merge. I’ve been merging the common ones and the lvl max ones, but I don’t know when I am applying them well or wasting them.

when you get past normal mode start buying one of each special green equipment for silver it is expencive but worth it you cant buy it later when you get to higher levels and you can gain privlages and gems.