Theres a ballance issue between items and heroes

So i know balance issues are hard to take care of but ever since the league change its become way more apparent. I have bought and upgraded lvl 5 items for all my characters which increased my power level significantly. However now im running into teams whith hero levels all above 100 and its frustrating. Because even though our power levels are supposedly even their heroes are better than mine in every aspect. I even lose to teams 20k under my powerlevel. And it seems like im getting punished for upgrading my items it feels like i should just remove them all, and only focus on leveling my heroes with energy.

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Hi @Faeleaf, the power reading direct reflects how strong your team is regardless it’s coming from heroes or items. The arena is pretty random since you cannot control when a skill is cast and therefore it’s pretty common to lose to weaker teams, vice versa. :slight_smile: My only advice is to walk more and return to the game more often. You’ll get stronger!


Love the advice :joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I just wish the arena was more fun. There’s no skill, just RNG and AI. My head hurts from face-palming bad AI decisions.

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