The new updates

Possible thumbs up on the glyphs. Haven’t been particularly inspired by the bonuses they provide, but I’m willing to give them a chance.

Big thumbs down on the new Fit Rewards costing more gems. Collecting the fit rewards used to be the first thing I did every morning, but I turned it off after seeing the first two rewards. No movie bonuses, and practically nothing for checking in. Just not interested. When we said that gem-based fit rewards weren’t worth the cost, we didn’t mean that you should take away the free Fit Rewards and make even more of them dependent on gems.

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  1. The warrior balancing is great and i even challenged a few players, though i feel it’s still overpowered, but atleast it’s better now.

  2. Glyph mine is awesome, and cheers to game devs for keeping the epic option usable once for watching an ad, and further for gems.

  3. The 2k gems rewards was something i wasn’t expecting, and i am very happy for that.

  4. Other balances for heroes are also good, i feel the game more balanced now.


  1. I feel that the Priest is still not as good as other heroes. If you compare the priest (or its other two advance classes) with the mage or warlock or rogue (or its other advance classes) on a one to one match, no way the priest can win.

  2. Challenge/loot times reduction for stages: I am really disappointed that for all x-10 stages challenge/loot time has been reduced to only 5. Some other stages had it to 50, and reducing them was considerable. But these x-10 stages are very heartbreaking.

  3. I was expecting that a very small chance of obtaining epic fet fragments for x-10 will be given, but disappointments.

Overall the update was awesome, and i really liked it.

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I’ll check with our game designer tomorrow, I was told that we increase the Fit Rewards and nothing about the gem cost.

Thank you for your feedback. The reduced challenge times is due to the change that you can now loot stages with 2 stars instead of 3. You should be able to loot additional x-10 stages earlier than the last patch.

Priest’s skill is still very powerful once you reach the advanced classes. With the recent balance changes, supporting classes should play a more important role.

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It’s nice to see that you’re paying attention. Thanks!

I think allowing the looting at 2 stars disincentivizes the three star challenge and makes it less fun to play. I agree that reducing the loot times was a serious bummer. I can usually 3-star level within a couple days of 2-starring it, so being able to loot a few days earlier doesn’t even come close to making up for losing the 10 x loot ability.


In this patch we increase the energy rewards for Fit Quest so you can collect more energy with each option (free, ads, gems). However, since the gem cost is associated with how many energy you receive, that explains why you are seeing an increased gem cost since you can collect more energy. The energy to gem ratio stays the same.

We didn’t remove any ad option. Therefore if you don’t see the ads option, it means the ad provider is not feeding you any ads at that time.


Thank you for your feedback on this one. We’ll evaluate.

I’m having a problem with equipping some glyphs to my heros… I can’t find any guidance on this, so what are the rules for being able to equip certain glyphs to certain heros? Aside from class, obviously… For example, I can see some epic or legendary glyphs in my glyph bag, but when I go to equip them, they don’t appear in the window of glyphs to choose from… Only the common ones. Is there a certain level I must reach to use specific glyphs?

The type of the runes matters. Rune has 2 categories regardless of rarity:

  1. Skill rune: hexagon shape and affects skill
  2. Stats rune: triangle shape and affects stats

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OHHH! I didn’t even notice the shape outlines… Thank you so much!!

I like all the changes. The new mining is pretty cool.

But I do think the rates for the Legendary Mine are too low. It’s already rare enough to get to the mine in the first place, often taking 20-50k of energy to activate it once (if you’re even that lucky), but then to have the rates on it be low kind of provides a double randomness that’s disappointing. It just is so much of a let down to finally get to it, especially since it’s not even guaranteed to get to it when spending crystals, and get junk.

I think I’ve spent over 1 million energy (not sure, estimating) and have only gotten two legendary glyphs.

Also the Glyph essence return rate is equally low, I only have 24 after all I’ve spent. That means it’ll be an average of 4 million energy just to buy one of the legendary glyphs from the store. Perhaps give the ability to get essence from merging epic and legendary glyphs? Perhaps give 2-5 per epic glyph and 10-25 for legendary? Also maybe guaranty that you get at least one essence when you reach the mine the legendary mine.

So… I noticed one of the rune slots requires an 8-star hero?

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass it to our game designer.

Yes, but it’s not included in this version.