The heroes in the guild shop are too expensive

I’ve been playing the game actively every day for 5 months, and I’m now sitting at almost 3000 guild points, almost enough to add one of those 3 star heroes to my collection. Just logging into a guild for the day gets you like 20 guild points, or 40 if you spend 100 gems a day. The only way to get more is to be very active in the lottery which is limited by 2000 steps per lottery ticket.

It doesn’t make sense to me to have a ton of heroes designed so each one takes super long to obtain. I feel like 750 guild points would be much more reasonable, and if it is really necessary then maybe a couple of 8 star heroes could be put in for the price of 3k.

Does anyone else think these guild shop heroes are too expensive?


Hi, thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass your concern to our game designer.

Totally…or make them available another way…almost thought could get the 2 star heroes in the hero section of the market after get all the 1 stars and so on etc but haven’t done that. Is there a list of where can get each amount of star heroes…like 1 star: fit coins in hero market, 5 star: gems in hero market etc