Tap Tap Tap? Is That It for My Monsters? :/

After playing this for about a week now all I seem to be doing is tapping the screen to make the characters jump around so the gems collect, which makes my fingers tired & there doesn’t look like there’s any point to playing this game. There’s no story or quest or anything to do like other games have that make them interesting to continue playing because you’re actually “doing” something engaging & building something up that you want to return to the game & continue progressing. I thought having a game that was linked with my FitBit sounded fun, but I’m bored & this game seems like a waste of time, especially with having accessories the characters I have only available by the lottery purchase using 36 topaz gems that aa yet have produced anything other than fruit. 4 times today I’ve used the topaz gems ro purchase the lottery items hoping this time I might actually win the shoes or mustache I wanted, but over & over I only get a couple fruit.
All in all I have to wonder what I’m doing wasting time tapping my phone’s screen & nothing else with this game instead of reading a book. I’m sorry if my post is pretty much negative, but I hope my honest input helps the further development of this game

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Hi jennick13,

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your feedback.

Wokamon is our first fitness game and I agree with you the game system is not very complex. We are actively looking for breakpoints to add new game systems in Wokamon, however it’s not that easy to make drastic changes to a game which is already online and with thousands of active players. We are still of course making small changes bit by bit to improve the overall game experience.

If you are looking for a fitness game with more game play, why not give Pocket Plants a go? Pocket Plants also collects your steps and turns them into energy. You use the energy to grow and collect magical plants. :slight_smile: