Sync with Apple Health?

Hello, just starting with this. I read the FAQ’s pertaining to sync with Apple Health and despite everything, I am still not getting an accurate number of steps from Apple Health to Fitness RPG. Is this a bug? There seem to be a few discussions about this. Thanks in a dvance.

Hi, we only support reading apple watch steps from the health app (i.e steps from your phone or any 3rd party apps are not imported). If you want to use your phone steps, please connect to your phone. You can switch the connecting options in Fit Tower -> Connect tab.

How often does Fit Tower check Apple Health for steps? There seems to be a lag. Thanks!

So I went for a run yesterday and my phone died during the run. No biggie, I’ll just add the steps in Apple Health. Apple Health has the correct steps now, but Fitness RPG doesn’t recognize these steps. Is that intentional @marspark? Thanks!

Hi, we only support syncing Apple Watch steps via Apple Health. If you want to sync your steps from your phone, then please choose the Phone option.

Neither input steps manually nor read steps from a 3rd party app is allowed.

Fitness RPG is set to Phone. It says “connected”.
Apple Health is reporting the correct steps now, but not in Fitness RPG. I guess I’ll just accept that.

@TheWarhammer do you use any 3rd party apps /wearables /apple watch? Those steps could be mixed into the total step count in Health.

Sorry to piggyback on this!

Is there any way to sync third party apps? I use a Yamay smart watch to count my steps.

@rocks302 Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, it’s not supported at the moment.