Swipe to change worlds?

I don’t like clicking the little left and right arrows, I would prefer swipe to switch between worlds. Please add this feature/gesture!

They’d have to change how plants are dragged to add this feature and they are too lazy to even move refresh button in their other game so we don’t missclick it as it’s in same position on screen as the button that opens the shop… or they just did it on purpose, who knows, either way…

Tl;Dr don’t expect this to ever be a thing, there’s a lot of annoying things that were never fixed in this game and I don’t see them talking about it except more than half a year ago.

EDIT: but I hope that by repeating myself enough times I’ll get at least something to their attention.

I think they could do it if they have smarter gesture engine, e.g. if you don’t touch a plant but the background. But I agree I don’t think they will implement this, just something I thought would be nice to have. I find the graphics not smooth and sometimes hard to pickup plants etc.