Superpass: The extra steps buff (200%) tells me I am not a subscriber when it is not activated

Okay, Since it just hit midnight here I was able to do a bit more checking. What I thought was an issue seems just to be an unchanged message.

I decided to try the Superpass last night. So I signed up and all was well. The first use applies the 200% buff to my first 10k steps. Awesome!

However, after my step returned to normal,
the Buff greyed out. As a newbie, I thought it would just stay lit up as it is a subscribe so I was a little concerned. I touched the buff and it gave me a message telling me to
“Become SuperPass Subscriber to activate this Buff.”

Can that message please change when you become a subscriber to something like “this will renew at 00:00.”

I have just spent half the day thinking and worrying there was a glitch or something wrong.:woman_facepalming::blush:

However, I did notice today, since becoming a subscriber there is a lag with the number of steps being recognised by the app.
It may just be how it processes but it would just take one sync before so I don’t know if the super pass could affect it.

For example today is the first day I saw it do this.
After doing steps, the app logged just over 200 while my Fitbit had logged closer to 2000.

I just had to close and reopen the app a few times when it does this. Or wait for a bit.

It’s only started since subscribing but I do not know if it is linked.

Thanks and have a great day :hugs:

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Have no fear. Your SuperPass is still active. You haven’t lost anything. The icon that’s greyed out for you should have better pop up text for subscribers. The reason it is greyed out can be found in the fine print in your first screenshot. The SuperPass bonus is only given for the first 10k steps each day.

I also made several failed attempts once to capture that pop up text and post a bug report. Should be fixed. Makes it seem that the SuperPass is gone. It isn’t.

As for the lag, it can take 10 minutes or more for my own phone to show me how many steps I’ve walked in Apple’s health app, and that’s even worse than it once was. I’d really like to know why Apple has decided that it is acceptable! It’s annoying. In an age of ultra fast processors in phones, one would think that I shouldn’t be able to manually count my steps 10+ minutes faster than my phone. :roll_eyes:

I mean really. One, two, three, four… Wow, my brain sure can process quickly. One simple math operation per second. Woohoo! Look at me go! (Sarcasm for the win! :crazy_face:)

P.S. At the very least, Apple should update the Health app’s step counter while I’m using the app and staring at my steps while I’m walking. It’s ridiculous. Makes it hard for me to determine when I’ve walked 10,000 steps and can sync them to the game. I have to estimate when I can stop, based on how many steps I think I’ve walked since the health app last updated.

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Lol… Gosh you are on the ball… :grin:.

It finally clicked that it was turned off rather than lost so I have suggested the Buff message change when we subscribe. It was that telling me I wasn’t a subscriber that put me in a tizzy. Lol.

Thanks for explaining that is just is a lag. I’m assuming then it was just coincidenceband dumb luck I had not experienced any lag before now.

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It was good that you brought this up. Was your tizzy like this:

The SuperPass is gone? WHAT! :scream:

Why would my subscription be cancelled? WHAT? :scream:

What about the rest of my account? Anything else missing? WHAT? :scream:

I ask because that’s the tizzy I had when I first saw it. :grimacing:

No joke. Mostly. I can laugh in hindsight though. :crazy_face:

Even with an Apple Watch, I go to the activity app on the watch and then wait a second or so for it to give me the new total. This to me seems even odder than a lag between the watch and the phone as the watch is the actual counter. Meantime my knitting row counter watch app increases faster! :joy: