SuperPass expiration bug

After my superpass expired, i’ve paid for it again and now i constantly keep getting messages “supperpass expired” and lose all the features, and then after few clicks it says “superpass transfered…” and everything works again. Keep getting this every half minute or so…

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Hi, can you please cancel your subscription for the time being until we fix this issue?

In the meanwhile, can you please help us to answer a few questions?

  • are you using iOS or Andoird?
  • have you ever cancelled a free subscription?
  • is this your first time to renew the subscription?
  • do you see a “superpass transferred” popup before the “expired” popup everytime?


Dear Mars,

I’ve cancelled the subscription. I’m playing on Andoird.
After my purchase i’ve pressed to cancel the subscription after 2 weeks (not to get billed further) but then renewed after it expired. And yes, it’s the first time i’ve renewed my subscription.

When I enter the game it always writes “supperpass transferred” then in few minutes i get message “expired”. Then after few more actions I get the loop of messages again and again.

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@marspark I had this problem on iOS, especially when I switched from one server to another.

I did cancelled a free subscription
“Expired” pop up appeared before the subscription transfer. However after seeing “expired” pop up, I simply closed & reopen the game & everything were fine.

I don’t know if it’s still a problem on iOS since I cancelled subscription a few weeks ago.

The issue should be fixed, please give it a try and let me know if there’s any issue.

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When I switch servers and click the magnet to harvest all silver, it offers to sell me a subscription to the game. If I click to purchase, a pop up appears saying I’m already subscribed, and after several moments the subscription-soliciting window changes, allowing me to close it and try again to click the magnet. After this, harvesting silver works normally.

Not a crushing problem, but it would be nice if it would remember I’m subscribed.

And it would be cool if it would reload my saved team members for events. :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:(Sayuri account problem only)

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ll investigate