Superhero in League I?

My husband just started playing on FitTower. He’s in League I and came across this last night. Player
To.oN only at lvl 33 but heroes all at 300! Player’s power is over 250k. Is this even possible? And why in League I. - Masha

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The player has also been picked up by our anti-cheat system and he’s banned from the league.

Please let us know if you have any other concerns.


Why not just store such important things on servers where players can’t do anything with them?

The only thing you ideally would need it for is step count, but you have 30k limit so even when people would cheat that it’s not that bad, if anything, they are just cheating themselves at that point.

And once step count is updated, everything else happens on server, no way to cheat values.

The downside is more mobile data used because you need to ask server to level up a hero, or play out this battle, something else and etc. when you don’t have wifi at hand, but it can be counteracted by not staring at phone while walking outside and instead checking it out at home so it’s not that bad.

I don’t know how this game is made, obviously, and I never made my own game yet to see how hard it is to deal with cheating, so I might not understand why it wasn’t made like this, but I hope the next game you’ll make won’t be as prone to cheating, or well, the ones you have right now will be updated to be more fair to everyone. You already have servers for your games, so this is always an option as I see it.