Super plants pieces going missing


I don’t know if I’ve got this all wrong but my plant levels up the I get a new pice and it’s back to level one? It seems like it shouldn’t happen but I’m not certain.


Hi Jameson,

Are you on Android or iOS? We are aware of the issue and have submit fix update to the stores. V2.4.6 is ready in Google Play already, and we are still waiting for the iOS update to be approved.



Thank you, I am an iOS user. Do I have to have the updated version of IOS?


Yes, it needs to be update with the patch.


Pity, I didn’t know about that bug. Just found one piece & spent several purple chips to max out my epic plant, switched to a different app, when went back, and my plant back to lvl 1, but I didn’t get the chips back.


I have a feeling, that I already maxed out that burn wood plant yesterday, but I don’t have screenshots for it.


Hi everyone,

We are having some delays in our updates. The stores are still reviewing our last submission and the new update has wait for that to go through first. We will closely follow up the situation and will provide you news on this.



Joining the thread so I know when patch has taken effect


Hi guys,

The update is now live. Please let me know if the super plant piece issue still exist.

Thank you!


Hi Mars…no it’s still not working …,I used yellow pieces to update (again :grimacing:) to level 2, came out of the game and back in …reverted back


Hi Doreen,

Could you send us a screenshot of the ‘Credits’ page, showing the game version number? It’s in game settings > About us > Credits.



Here you go !


Aha…the update has just come through and looks like it’s niw working :blush:


Cool! Thanks for the update! :blush: