Super plants don't provide the output they should give

Hi, friends.
It seems that there is something wrong with the super plants.
For example,the super foxtail’s output should be 40/min, but when I plant it, it only has 12/min (same with the normal foxtail).
I wonder if it’s a bug or my operation is wrong?

Hi AoKI,

Are you able to send us a screenshot of this issue? Also can I have your game ID so that we can look into it?

My game isn’t letting me plant super plants at all. It shows them and there is space available but when I click on the plant it only gives me stats not an option to plant.

Super plant Foxtail is giving 51 energy per minute . I tested it manually. The plant’s info shows the normal foxtail though. I do have a question about super plants. Can I plant only one of each plant? I tried to plant another super foxtail and it gave me a prompt of “You have already planted this.”

Hi SimplyMe,

Thanks for your message. You are right about the Super Foxtail energy rate. Originally it’s 40 per min, as you have got powerup effecting from the LAB, the rate is increased. Also, unlike ordinary plants, only one super plants per type can be planted to the world.

@marspark. Thank you for the reply.

I don’t know how I am supposed to plant a super plant when I tap on one it’s just gives me the status of the super plant

@Lauren_Taylor Lauren, you have to get all the required pieces in order to plant a super plant. At the bottom of each super plant icon is the required pieces, like 0/20 for super Mimosa. Gather 20 and you’ll be able to plant it.

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