Super plante: comment les utilise ont?

Bonjour voilà depuis aujourd’hui j’ai accès à des quêtes et ai super plante mais je ne sait pas du tout comment ont les utilise quelqu’un peut il m’aider svp ?

Hi Elisabeth,

Super plants generate more energy, rare resources like amethysts and rubies. Before you can plant a super plant, you must collect all the pieces for that plant. To collect the pieces, you need to go to ‘QUEST’ (the 2nd button from the right on the main screen) and send your resident exploring. Residents will come back with lucky packs and there is a good chance you can get super plant pieces.

Quick question, if you have a superplant planted (for example a foxtail) and you have an order for a foxtail, would the superplant foxtail be given out to the order or would it remain on your field, and you’d have to plant a regular foxtail for the order?? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Snow125,

Orders only take ordinary plants. Any planted super plants will remain in the field or storage.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.