Super plant pieces not registering

I’ve bought a few chests recently and the pieces I’ve received have not registered. I should have had a top level Emeroy on the the Tropic world by now.

I’ve just noticed that none of the pieces I’m receiving are being registered :frowning:

I’ve just checked my Emeroy, yesterday I had 11 pieces and today I only have 8 :disappointed_relieved:

I’m having the same issue. All superplants from exploring friends’ worlds and quests have been disappearing from my superplant count. I also bought 2 music realm backpacks with my rubies - apart from the superplant that got activated, the rest of the super plants from the backpacks disappeared from the count when I went back to check on it. Same thing is happening with super plants I got from the plant store. Please fix this issue! My game id is v3JG!Rpe*


My game id is MC_4f8Pg@

Hi guys,

We are investigating the issue at the moment. Will get back as soon as we find anything.


We have an iOS fix coming up soon on this issue. Hopefully it will be ready later this week or early next week.

When did you update the latest Android update v2.4.6? Before you encounter the issue or after?

I updated to the latest version before I encountered the issue.

I just updated to the latest ios 11.1. The problem started, I think, with the Halloween update on the game.

Also, will the rubies be returned to my balance? I used $ to buy some of my rubies. A lot of rubies were wasted when I used them to get backpacks & at the plant store when the superplants I got with rubies weren’t even registering.


How many rubies did you spend to buy the chest after the update?

I used up at least 500 rubies to buy 2 music realm backpacks and several plant store super plants before I noticed that they weren’t being added to their total numbers.

I’ve also noticed it’s mostly happening to the superplants that are already planted but need to level up still.

Hi R10,

Thank you for the update. The iOS fix is currently under review and should be available soon. I’ve sent some ruby compensation to your account. Please go to the message page to claim them. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

We are having some delays in our updates. The stores are still reviewing our last submission and the new update has wait for that to go through first. We will closely follow up the situation and will provide you news on this.


Hi guys,

The update is now live. Please let me know if the super plant piece issue still exist.

Thank you!