Super pass daily reward change

Hi guys,

We are making small tweaks to the super pass daily rewards by replacing 10 skin cards with 2000 energy. The changes should take effect no later than next week.

Please let me know if you have any feedback.



I think the reward should be changed to something else. As the entire focus of the game is fitness, energy should really only get gotten from things that keep your healthier. Right now the only place to get energy is from steps and the daily fit quests (outside of one time buys from the store). So up until this point being healthy was the only real way to get energy.

I’d say perhaps give something else. Here are some alternatives:

  • Fit stones
  • Power or Blessing Gems
  • Mine Keys (lets you activate the epic or legendary mine)

Honestly I pay for the monthly subscription because I like the game and want to support the developers, but if I really was on the fence about getting a subscription then I’d say either of those rewards would be better than just regular energy, which even with Glyphs become the currency least desired.


Thank you for your feedback. After discussion, we will keep the change as scheduled for a month and evaluate the performance. The change was requested by a few early-stage players and we thought it’s a better option for them.

However, we’ll also consider other options so please keep us posted if you come up with some other ideas.

Request from early-stage players do not mean it’s the best idea or the right thing to do.

Consider these:

  1. Early stage player have more than enough coins for custom, so they want something else.

  2. consider new comers who pay subscriptions and not yet have all the customs, now they simply can’t get the full set anymore.

  3. so if the change is purely satisfy the early stage, long term subscription payer. Perhaps add energy or other goodies in the custom shop for them to redeem?

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I’d really like to see more motivation for people (like me :slight_smile: who regularly exceed 10K steps. I oftentimes exceed 15k and 20k steps as well. I, personally, have been looking for a game like this one, the motivates me to want to push myself a bit more. I find myself running out of things to do. I have a monthly subscription and find myself buying “stuff” weekly, sometimes several times a week. Perhaps fit stones can be a great reward at different points? I’m not sure. I am honestly running out of motivation with this game and have started playing puzzle games while I walk on the treadmill.

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Totally agree with you BG.