Suggestions for a better game, frustrations, and things I enjoy. :)

First off, I love this game been playing it for a long time now and it’s just alot of fun. However there is always room for improvement and these are just some ideas that I think would make the game even better. First off I dont know about any of you but I would love to be able to take my fights off auto in the arena. I think it’s more fun when you have to think a bit tactically when you are fighting and It can be extreamly vexing when you characters dont do what you think they should in a fight. As for vexations, I have now spent an ungodly amount of crystals trying to get the s magicdamage skill with absolutely no luck. I am positive I have had every skill but that come up multiple times. Perhaps there could be a less annoying way to earn the skills you want.Cause at this point I’m almost at a learned helplessness state where I’ve stop even caring to try. My last suggestion is hold special events where if you walk your max for so many days you get special gear. I feel like the game doesnt reward you that much for actually walking and I think a special equipment event would be well received. Anyway those are just some suggestions I had and some frustrations. I really do like the game. I liked building my party and leveling them up. Even got to choose a specialty at higher levels I like that. I enjoy that the game does reward you for being healthy.Well hope you all have a nice evening.


I agree with more rewards and events that you get for actually walking.


Played Wokamon because it’s a walking game. Playing and paying for this one because it’s a walking game.

If I wanted to play a similar game that did not reward walking at all, I’d still be playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

That said, this game is motivating me enough. I’m walking 20k steps most days now, which is fairly optimal. There’s only so much more my feet can take! :crazy_face:

And if people want to play this game without walking much, I’m fine with that. I may not understand it, but live and let live. :slightly_smiling_face:


Would love to see what everyone else has requested xD

More guild activities and the rewards contuing after about 8000 steps now would be awesome

Personally I’m battling with being a martial artist primarily and struggling to wear my Tracker all through my training… Not your problem but it’s a faf xD