Suggestions: battles, guilds, player names

Hi! While playing, I faced with some things, that sometimes helped me, but sometime made the game harder, so I wanted to make some suggestions for battles, guilds and players names

  1. Cooldown.
    Every battle starts with different cooldown. Sometimes, as weeker player, I can beat more stronger players, if, for example, my mage do his skill first. It would me more honest, if every player started with hero cooldowns, so the fight would be based manly on his skills, not luck, because of skill, that is done in first round of battle

  2. Guild check-ins
    2.1 It would be nice to see, who is checked in every day.
    2.2 I guess, there is something wrong with time, when player last seen in game, because in first day, when I made a guild, there was a player, that was seen 2 days ago.

  3. Player names
    It would be nice to see in which guild player is