Suggestion: make fitnes fun, spread rewards

With the new Fit-Point system, I feel we get the first chests too quickly.

If you do some Daily Fit Quests, you end up getting your first 5 chest with very few steps and there is no more reward for reaching 10k steps (ok, you have energy multiplier, but no more fun chest like we used to have). As it is, a couch potato probably gets 5/7 chests.

So, if the motto is “make fitness fun”, I suggest spreading the fun (and the chests) and increasing the step requirement for the last chest to 300-350 Fit-pts.

Maybe like: |— 10 — 25 — 50 — 100 — 160 — 240 — 320

(Currently it’s: |— 5 — 10 — 20 — 50 — 100 — 170 — 260 )

Community, do you agree?

  • Yes, I’m here to get in better shape!
  • Don’t care, I do my daily work-out regardless.
  • No, I’m lazy and would like even lower goals…

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why dont add 8th chest!

Was torn between yes and don’t care, but voted yes.

The 10,000 steps multiplier is enough motivation for me. Most days I walk 20,000+ steps, so even the energy without the multiplier is apparently enough.

That said, I agree with you. One can be extremely sedentary and still get 5 of the 7 chests. Seems a bit too couch potatoish. :thinking: