Subscription not giving me benefits

I had 2 subscriptions. One was being charged monthly and the other was yearly and I was subscribed to both at the same time so I canceled the monthly subscription so I was only using the yearly. Now I don’t have access to any of the benefits. I can’t skip ads and I don’t have extra daily tasks. I canceled the annual subscription and then resubscribed, also making sure my payment was correct. I’m still having issues. I’ve closed and reopened the app multiple times.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. May I please grab your game id so I can check your account? Also, if you can forward your purchase receipt (containing the order id), that’ll make the troubleshooting faster. You can send it to for privacy reasons and a faster response.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. T


My ID is cupcake. I have a screenshot of my subscription but I’m going to find my ID to send to you

Sorry, this is my ID 479rj8. Let me know if emailing the screenshot will work


Hi, I’m having the exact same issue after changing my subscription from monthly to annual. Can you please assist? My game ID is rzxpj4. Thanks!