Stuck at 91% loading and loss data after reinstall

The game have stuck at 91% loading to log in. After reading forum here about stuck at 91% loading, followed instructions to uninstall and reinstall. After reinstall, all my data was loss. Kindly help to restore back. My account ID is MCrZYmVt@. Thanks

Hi felwh,

Is this your current ID: vCfDUpWTL ? If yes, I will transfer the data to this account.


Yes, my new ID : vCfDUpWTL. Thanks.

The transfer is done. Please let me know if you have any other issues. Thanks!

I have the same problem today again. Usually google play syncs me and asks if I want my old cloud save, but it didn’t and a new game id overwrote my cloud save.

My new id is FCtgQdFJL

My old one was MCNTumgs*

Thank you!

edit: Just logged in – level 387 again. Thanks so much!

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Same issue! Had to reinstall and got It new ID.
Can you restore the game progress for ID - YPPxzqyd@

Any luck tracking down that 91% bug? And logging with google play is spotty. I have reloaded about 15 times over the course of this game, and this is the 4th time I need a new account and my data linked to it.

My ID is now FC*8!KKFh

It was FCtgQdFJL

Help? It’s been 9 days.

My ID is now FC*8!KKFh

It was FCtgQdFJL

@scotantaco aplogizes to the late reply, your data has been transferred, please login.