Strange Arena League

Hey, I just wondering if you can solve this. Yesterday I logged in to my account, and I faced ‘new enemy’ in my arena league though it was the third arena day.

At first, I didn’t think anything was wrong until I met one opponent:

I started feeling suspicious because his level was unconditional. So, I refreshed the opponent one or two times, until I found the same case.

I was curious about what was happening then I found that the arena league was ‘ZZZ’ when I was supposed to be in League F.
Then I opened the rank tab, I found my league was in League I.

When I clicked the League F, my previous opponents (for the first 2 days in this season) were still there. But when I clicked back on League I, I couldn’t find my name. Also there’s no Guard Enemy on this league.

Last, what made me write this story here was, the error on guild tab and arena reward tab.

So, I just wondering if you can fix it because I couldn’t accept it if I go through this season without any reward. So please, help me! Thankyou!

I tried to upload as much images as possible to support my story but because I’m new user on this forum, I couldn’t upload more than one.

#p. s: I subscribed for superpass but sometimes my subcription wasn’t detected when I changed my account server. Help me with that too!!

#p. s. s: My account name is barto on the first server.

Hi @marspark
Need your attention hereee

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Account has been placed in league ZZZ due to exploiting the game. If you believe this is a mistake, please let us know.

So, my account was suspicious exploited the game?

I can understand why you did it.

My account has 2 rose, but because of bug. At some point of the game, my account was reset to level 1.
All the progress was lost except for the heroes and its level. I didn’t think it cheated others so I didn’t report it.

And with why my power overwhelmed my player level, it’s because I didn’t take any rewards with low gems. I keep taking arena and run regularly to increase everything but my exp. Is it cheating? No I think it isn’t.

So, please do something. I didn’t even bother to use any external application to exploited the game .So please @marspark


Please fix it as soon as possible @marspark

@M_Rizqi_Nurkhalish Hi, let’s bring the topic to private message. I’ve just sent you a message to request more details. Thanks!

Hi @M_Rizqi_Nurkhalish, sorry for the waiting. I’ve transferred your 2nd rose data to myna so everything should behave normal. If you are running into any issues, please let us know again. I’ve also sent you some crystals for the trouble you’ve gone through.

Happy walking!

Hello @marspark . I think there are still some issues left.

My account was reset again. Please help!