Story Mode Tips

  1. You might not realize that if you fail a stage it doesn’t cost you anything. So keep trying! You’ve got nothing to lose.

  2. Watch the monsters. Some are more dangerous to your particular team than others. For example, one might keep attacking your weak mage. When you fail, make sure to target it first next time.

  3. Consider moving your team members to different slots. Monsters keep attacking the back row? Move your vulnerable heroes to the front row.

  4. Sometimes, you find the perfect combination but it still can’t kill all the monsters. Or can it? I’ve replayed the same stage over and over again with the same setup and the battle finally just went my way. And those 10th stages that unlock resource generation? I’ve played some of them 20+ times in a row if I thought there was any hope at all. And sometimes it works! And what a great feeling when it does!

  5. Just because a special skill is ready and available, doesn’t mean you should use it yet. That’s especially true heading into the last stage if it has a boss monster. You’ll want special skills like the mage fireball ready for that. Another example is that It’s often better to not waste a special skill wounding 2 monsters in the back row if you can actually finish off a wounded monster in the front row with a normal attack. 2 wounded monsters still hit you just as hard.

  6. 6-star mages that can kill all 6 monsters at once? Yes, please. 2 of them are awesome, especially if you’re willing to replay a stage over and over until both mega attacks randomly unleash carnage optimally.

I still have a lot to learn. I’m fairly ignorant on knights, rogues, and warlocks. And my ignorance may cost me dearly in an endgame arena. I can say with confidence that a warrior, 2 mages, and a priest work very well in story mode and the midgame arena though. And you can’t get to the endgame without first getting through the midgame.