Stopwatch rewards are not being given?

I already posted about offline mode not collecting my rewards, turns out even with ONLINE stopwatch, if I quit after hour or something, it skips over the rewards and goes back to land… like wth?
82yqp2 Is the ID
Kindly check

Hi, thank you for reaching out. This is really weird because it’s the 1st report we receive regarding stopwatch rewards. Can you please send us a log (settings->send log) right after the session completes? Thank you again for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

No, I found the root cause issue. If you are in the offline focus mode, you need to tap the continue focus session after the restart > tap the pause button > swipe Quit to the right. You noticed that the Congratulation screen pop up. This bug pops up when the focus session is paused after the restart when you tap the Quit button. @marspark

After the focus session, the focus sessions buttons vanished and the focus thing were totally gone and come back to the land. But the buttons didn’t change back to focus! When I tap the land, it load back normally with other button. @marspark

@Brandon_Wan The stopwatch bug has been identified and we’ll fix it in the next update. Thank you for your detailed steps to reproduce the issue.

Please let us know if you find a pattern to reproduce the vanish bug.

The online focus session is always the same as the offline focus session. If anything happens in the online focus session, it will happen in the offline focus session. Because we already know that offline mode have only focus. Right now, it is fine after you fixed the stopwatch bug. But I am still reporting to you in Discord. Please check it out.