Still empty loot

I’ve given up on the game. An Empty loot is its new feature. Arena battles have no sense thanks to RNG. When I play other games against AI they try to do their best moves. This game is a basic random number that doesn’t make any sense.

Latest update & what … empty loot … It’s nice that the developers introduce new features, but I prefer the game that is fun to play

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I too am still experiencing the empty loot issue, though it is not happening as frequently as it was before.

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@marspark - happens for me as well.

I think I have narrowed down the issue.
Empty loot appears to only (?) happen on level -10s. Of course, we are all looting level -10s because that is where we get pet fragments.
The reason for this is that silver is no longer available as loot on level -10s! You can get it on other levels, but not -10s. So I suspect those empty loots are rolls where you would have previously received only silver. Since there is no silver on those levels, you get an empty loot instead.
As a side note, if you have been noticing that your silver seems much lower now, that’s why. You are not looting any more silver because you are targeting pet fragments.


I always loot only lvl 10s & there was time when there was no such a problem :thinking:

Before pets and pet fragments were released?

Yes. I’ve finished the whole story on my first server & did not have an empty loot there. I progressed quickly enough to loot only lvl x.10 there.

Really annoying this is still happening. Last week in a run of 6 there was 2 empty loots. 2 out of 6 is totally unacceptable.

He means, was there “no such problem” after pet loots were released.
I think the pet loots started the issue because silver lots on level x-10s were taken away with the release of pet loots.

Interesting observation! It would be nice to get something instead of nothing when looting.

I don’t really have a problem with “empty loot” you have to think of it like a regular video game where you search contained for items; some containers will have things and some won’t, that’s why you break every clay pot in Zelda.

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I’ve just checked with our game designer that the empty loot is caused by removing the silver drop in the x-10 stages. This is actually by design as you get pet fragments which are a lot more powerful than silvers.

After discussion, we’ve decided replace the ‘ancient rune’ drop with the ‘silver’ drop in the next update so that you will at least get some silvers.

After the first case of an empty loot, we did ask if it was a new feature or a bug & we were told that it was NOT a new feature. So we keep reporting the bug to help improve the game.

I play a lot of games :slight_smile: & I don’t even want to start on features that could’ve been improved here. I accept this game as it is.