Steps vanished!

I track my steps with my iPhone 6 Plus, with latest iOS and app versions.

I tend to rack steps up slowly, due to health issues. The last time I checked my step count, about a week ago, I had just over 19k steps. When opened the app tonight, I noticed my step meter looked low, so I went to check my step count…and I have just over 10k. I was saving for 30k, I did not buy anything…yet 9k, plus the 5-6k I earned this week, are GONE.

Due to said health problems (multiple disabilities) I’ve basically lost about 3 weeks worth of steps. No other progress seems to be missing, but this is still hugely frustrating!!

Hi Rhy,

Sorry to know you are having issue with the game.

Can I please grab your game ID and a screenshot of your Heath app monthly step count to further investigate the issue?

The game ID is located in the Pocket Plants settings page. For the screenshot, please go to your iPhone HEALTH app > Health Data > Activity > Steps > Month, and take a screenshot of that page.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Hmm, I’m not seeing how to attach a screenshot either here or in a direct message to you. I’m probably overlooking something really obvious…your forums are just different than I’m used to most being.

Could you tell me how to add the screenshot so I can send that and my game ID together instead of split up? Thank you!

And of course as soon as I ask, I find it. Never fails! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Rhy,

Thank you for the screenshot and the ID.

Is Pocket Plants accumulating steps now? We are really sorry for the missing steps. We couldn’t add the steps directly back to your account, however we can manually send over the converted resources (energy/ruby/amethyst). Which resource would you like to convert for that 30K steps you were saving and how many of them you were going to convert?

Thank you for your patience with us.


It does seem to be tracking them properly now (which is good, today was a high step day for me).

I was saving for the 640 amethyst pack, so that would be my preference. I appreciate you guys making up for the loss! Thank you for the help, and for the great game! :grinning:

Hi Rhy,

I’ve sent the resource to your account. Please go to the game message page to claim them. Thank you once again for your patience and understanding! :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, thank you so much! You guys are awesome, even with the occasional hiccup! :heart:

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