Steps not updating

Hi, since I restarted the game, I’ve noticed that my steps are not being counted accurately in the weekly leaderboard. What is wrong?

Hi Agp, can you please attach a screenshot of your weekly leaderboard? Do you mean the steps are not displayed accurately?

So just from today and yesterday, it should equal more than the 18,862 that it is displaying. It is not displaying the steps accurately.

Hi @Agp, have you tried to manually ‘save game’ in the settings page? Does it yield a different result?

Yes I have! I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I’ve tried logging in and out, but that resets the daily step count. I tried this last week. So I waited to see ig this week will ve different before I asked for help. I thought that once the week resets, my steps will finally be correct, but it still displays my steps as significantly less than what my actual steps are.

This is actually one of the reasons why I asked for my account to be reset.

Hi Agp, the weekly leaderboard resets everyone’s step count on Monday 00:01 AM UTC. You can grab any UTC to local time converter to find out your corresponded local time.

After I checked your data, it looks reasonable to remove Apr 23th and 24th data according to our rule. Can you please keep playing for another week and see if the weekly leaderboard works for you?


Absolutely! I wouldn’t mind if you deleted ALL my steps data. Just as long as I can keep my progress in the game. I’ll check back in when the week resets. Thank you for your help so far.

Hi, did you get a chance to delete the data for those days?

Hello? It is still not working.

@Agp can you please share with me this week’s screenshots?

Today I made 9686 steps and they did not sincronise[Uploading…]