Steps not syncing corrdctly

Yesterday, I logged in to the game after 11pm, and all my steps (over 6000) were synced on the previous day, overwriting the steps thats I already had on that day. The steps for the current day were set at 11, what was roughly the amount of steps I did since 11pm. My guess would be that something went wrong with the switch to daylight-saving-time on Sunday? But then, this bug would have occurred on Sunday evening and not Monday?
Edit: the same happened on Tuesday: my amount of steps get put on yesterday, Monday, and I get no steps for today, although I have a count of +5000 in Google Fit. This osstarting to get really annoying. I’m missing my goals in the challenge etc…

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I’m experiencing something similar since we went to DST as well.

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At least I’m not the only one :see_no_evil:
The problem is very persistent… It keeps syncing my steps to the previous day :confused:

I’m also having problems. It has counted zero steps today despite my phone and Google both recording activity. I have cleared the cache and deleted data. When those steps didn’t help I then uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Three times. It is still not registering any activity. Please, please, fix this bug!

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Mine resolved for a day or 2 and is now not working again. Very frustrating and no response to any attempt to contact support

Hi guys, thank you for reaching out. We’ll look into this issue. Can you please let us know which timezone are you guys from? @MyQueen @Smurf @Miremar? Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks for looking into it!
I’m from Belgium :slight_smile: