Steps not registering

Hi, it doesn’t seem to be registering the steps. I use the Apple Watch on the RPG, but here’s two simultaneous screen shots to show the steep difference: game ID bm4kz3

Hi @Kristin, unfortunately Fit Tycoon only registers steps from your phone. So this might be the reason it registers less steps?

OK, then maybe not for me, as it still only got to 79 steps by the end of the day. This was despite going out for a dog walk! This means I basically have no chance of ever upgrading the robot :frowning:

Definitely weird. I’ll check your log, it might take a while since it could be pretty tricky.

I am disabled, so do expect my steps to be low. But that’s definitely lower than even Id expect. It seems a bit better today.

That’s why the watch is better, it has wheelchair settings. However, my phone syncs to my watch for my daily activity, hence me thinking it should be higher. On a bad day, I’d still expect a thousand steps for example.