Steps not counted properly

Yesterday I install game, walk at home with game running. Today I walk at home during cleaning and it count me about 2200 steps. Then I go with kids for about 2,5h walk having phone in my pocket. It count only about 200 steps!
Android 5.1.1 samsung j5

Update: I’ve check how it work. I sit with phone in hand and moove seein how it count. It works properly at any time when phone was on,even if only main screen (the one where unblock phone.)
When screen turns black even if I still shakin hand it stops count! Not even one!
Maybe then it doesnt count me even one step during trip and I just didnt check count meter carefully when finish home activity.
Then my claim is that game doesnt count when phone is turned black,even if game is running

Hi @Greg_Blueye, Wokamon needs to run in the background to record steps correctly. Most Android devices will remove apps automatically to ‘save battery usage’. Does your phone have an app similar to battery management/saver? You may include Wokamon in a ‘safe’ list so it’s not getting removed automatically.

Hello, tx for answer. I’ve check battery settings and swith off all negative settings for this app. It helps nothing.
Morover I even notice that when this app is running but I open any other or even starts to call then it stops count steps.
Antoni the best at the end: yesterday in the morning when I just 1st open your app, it already receive prizes for all 50-1000 steps! Is this some compensation? Or counted at the end of the Day?

@Greg_Blueye Hi Greg, which game are you talking about? Only Fitness Fantasy has rewards for 50~1000 steps. Are you playing that game? If so, can you please check if you’ve done everything in this post:

Yes, at beginning I didnt know that this forum is for various games. I play Fitness Fantasy but I install Google Fit and now everything is working properly. Days passed and I already forgot about miśing steps. No worry!
Tx for reply.

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