Steps does not sync with the app

Hi, could you please fix the bug or my yesterdays steps not syncing? I hoped maybe today it will appear, but it did not. Yesterday I did a bit more then 10k steps, it synced with my fit bit app but it didn’t appear on the game. My user is: w8v788

Still no step synchronization :frowning:

Hi, a few things that you can potentially try:

  1. Check if other Fitbit compatible apps can read Fitbit steps (just to make sure it’s not a Fitbit server issue)
  2. Try to click the Fitbit sync option again (in Fit Tower). It should try to re-authorize you. Once you are returned to Fitness RPG, give it a few mins then try again under a good internet connections
  3. Go to Fitbit’s dashboard and deauthorize Fitness RPG, then try to re-authorize again.
  4. If none of the above works, save game and connect to a 3rd party device then try to reinstall again.

Please let me know how it goes!