Steps are syncing to wrong day

My steps are syncing to the wrong day, about 5 days in the past. It’s also adding insane amounts of steps for no reason, so for the past two days I’ve had ~60-70k steps on those days that only go up as the day goes on and I walk, but zero steps on the actual day that I’m walking, meaning I’m losing my streak and any stones/gems I should be getting :grimacing:

I have syncing from Google fit on, so I’ve tried revoking permissions and giving them back. And I’ve tried clearing all data abd cache and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. None of this has worked.

My game ID is 8k25ke

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Same here! I’ve been adding screenshots to the bug section on the Discord, but no replies yet.

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Oh yeah, I see you. That’s a lot of screenshots! I guess it’s good that it’s not just on my end. I really hope they do something soon.

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If you somehow find a fix please let me know.

@Joshua @NonCaelo, we are working on an urgent fix as we speak. Please let me know your game id @NonCaelo so we can verify our fixes with your data.

8k25ke is my game ID. :blush:

@Joshua, please check the Google Play store and see if you can update the game. We’ve just deployed a fix build.

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