Steps are not accurate

IPhone 11
Version 14.8

My steps are not loading accurately. I have my device type set to my IPhone. I’ve also verified motion & steps are active for Fitness RPG in my Apple health app. I’ve walked well over 10,000 steps each day but the past 3 days the step tower has shown far fewer steps. For example today my health app shows I’ve walked 11,000 steps but the step tower in the Fitness RPG app only shows 2800. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling and resyncing everything but it hasn’t resolved the issue.

Please help me figure out why all my steps aren’t loading. I’m going to try switching my device type to my Apple Watch to see if that works better.

ID: 9k2qme

After switching to my Apple Watch the steps match now. Still not sure why it wasn’t working correctly with my iPhone but I’m okay with just using my watch.

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