Step tower doesn’t match Health app count

I use my Garmin device to track walks and runs around the block. My Garmin device communicates with the iOS Health app and shares the step count with it.

My Health app says I have 3600 steps; 1600 from my phone and another 2000 from my watch from a workout where my phone was not on my person.

The game is connected to my phone and indicates it should match my Health steps, but it only brings over the steps from my phone. If the steps are in the Health app, why is the game disregarding the 2000 from another source?

I will be disappointed if this is intentional, as I do not keep my phone on me for workouts and use my GPS watch instead.

Hi, as you guessed the health app is only used to match steps from your phone or apple watch. We still don’t have an ETA to support Garmin yet unfortunately.