Step counter throttled to one step per second (android)

Anyone have any idea why, since last week, the step counter in wokamon detects exactly one step per second, regardless of how many actual steps I take per second? It seemed to happen right after I installed Google Fit. Perhaps doing that updated some shared step counter api on my phone (Galaxy S8) that Wokamon is incompatible with? I tried uninstalling Fit, Wokamon, and clearing the Wokamon data cache. My version of Android apparently doesn’t have any Motion settings that I can check. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

I guess the reinstall doesn’t work. Have you tried to connect to Google Fit again and see if it can fetch steps from Google Fit rather than your motion API

Yes, I ended up uninstalling and re-installing Google Fit, and at some point, Wokamon began fetching steps from Google Fit successfully! The fetch option works great now. Thanks!