Step counter going Negative


Having a problem with the counter on the weekly leaderboard. I am getting my points on my wokamon but the counter is showing my steps in the negative, -4995 to be specific. It hasnt really changed since yesterday and I have reset, uninstalled and resynced accounts. Im on a Iphone 6 using iOS 9.3.2. Thanks!


Hi Ashes18,

Could you give us some screenshot and tell us your game name (Facebook Name) so we can find you in our database.


I thought i was getting the points for my wokamon but seems like that has stopped as well. Ashley Sader is facebook name. Still stuck on the same number. Check a friend’s app as well and i am negative on hers as well.


Ok Thanks for letting us know this, we will further investigate this.


Hello, i have smiliar problem…

My name utakandila


OK we are still investigating this problem.

Thanks for contacting us.


I have the same problem my name is JOSIAH SUN

Steps going negetive